Bregenz, Austria: Travel / Tourist Information Guide

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Bregenz is the capital of Vorarlberg, Austria's most modern province. It is situated on the eastern shores of Lake Constance with an estimated population of 28 thousand. It also boasts its historical background and preserved city wall from 13th century to 16th century. Some of the historical sites include the Old City Hall and the Lower City Hall. Tourists enjoy the attractions in Bregenz: churches, museums, and parks. The Martinsturm or Martin's Tower is the most famous landmark that features the largest onion cupola in Europe boasting its foundations that is dated to the late Roman period. The Vorarlberg Museum is a famous museum that had been modernerised and enlarged. With its location and attractions, Bregenz offers a lot of fun things to do. The Bregenz Festival is a famous festival that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Other things to do in Bregenz are sports and outdoor activities like taking a cable car on top of the Pfänder. There are also tours and excursions that could take tourists around the city and to the nearby places. There are plenty of places to shop, eat, and drink. The nightlife in Bregenz features several bars and clubs that mostly are located at the lower part of the city. Some of the bars and clubs that offers a promising nightlife are the Disco Calypso and the Cuba Bar. The city also offers plenty of accommodations from a luxury hotel to a cheap place to stay. Bregenz has something for everyone.



Get In

If planning to get in by plane, there are several airports near the city. The Zürich-Kloten Airport is a big airport that is about an hour distance to Bregenz. On the other hand, the Friedrichshafen Airport is smaller but closer to Bregenz. Other airports include the Munich Airport and Altenrhein Airport. Another option is travelling by train; the Central Station. From Vienna, an 8-hour travel time that stops at Linz, Salzburg, and Innsbruck is the estimated travel time. There are also high speed trains that is called ICE; which usually costs €60 for a ticket. There are also Eurolines buses from Vienna and Berlin. Another option is arriving by boat through Vorarlberg Lines. In the city, public transport is available in getting around.