Tours in Sana'a, Yemen: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Sana'a is ama amazing place and has a lot of things to offer to the tourists. The old city of Sana'a is especially amazing and it is a must-see. But, apart from the city of Sana'a there are also amazing places near the city that are worth visiting. If you are thinking about visiting some of these places then you could book a tour. There are a number of agencies that operate in Sana'a which organize different kinds of tours that will take you to the places that you wish to visit.

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All of the agencies offer a tour around the city of Sana'a. This is a tour that it is advisable that you go to just to make sure that you do not miss anything in the city. The tours are pretty much the same and will take you to see most of the following things: Bab-al Yemen which is the gate that leads into the Old City; the Great Mosque of Sana'a which is one of the oldest mosques in the world; Al-Saleeh Mosque which is one of the largest mosques in the world.

Another great tour is the one that will take you to the nearby village of Kawkaban. It is an ancient village with marvelous buildings. It is located at about 2800 meters above sea level, so the view from it is quite amazing. The old gate of the village is very beautiful. There are also a great number of old mosques which are amazing. The old market is located in the middle of the village and from it you can buy cheap and nice homemade food.  You can also buy mementos and gifts which are handmade. 

This tour will take you a little it further away from the city to the Socotra Island. Even though it is far from Sana'a and the tour will last longer it is a must-see. This island is considered to be a jewel of biodiversity in the Arabian Sea. The beaches on the island are so amazing with white sand and palm trees. The island is a home to many rare species of reefs, plants, trees and fish which cannot be seen anywhere in the world. Onte of the most famous tree is the Dragon Blood. It is a very amazing place and you will love the nature and the animals that will surround you if you decide to visit it.