Sana'a, Yemen: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Sana'a is the capital city of Yemen. It is located in the Yemeni Mountains and it is usually the first destination for tourists. It is considered one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world together with Jericho, Damascus, Aleppo. It is believed that it was built by Shem, son of Noah. 

Get in and around Sana'a

Before getting in Yemen make sure that you have acquired a tourist visa. After you have done that one way of getting in the city is by plane via the Sana'a International Airport. It has flights from a number of the biggest countries in Asia and Europe. Another way to get in the city is by bus within Yemen. Make sure that you have a travel permit if you decide to go around Yemen by bus. 

Once in the city you will probably have to get around it by taxi or by a rental car since it has grown to be a really big city. There are also many Dabaabs or minivans that ride around the city. They have fixed prices. There are also motorcycle taxis which are great for Old Sana'a since the streets there are narrow and too small for regular cars.

Explore Sana'a

The Old City of Sana'a is a must-see. It perfectly depicts the history of the country. The most important landmark is the gate to the Old City called Bab al-Yemen. If you want to find out even more about the history of Yemen through artifacts you can visit the National Museum. One of the oldest mosques in the world is located in Sana'a - the Great Mosque of Sana'a. In this mosque was found the oldest known written copy of the Quran. Also, one of the largest mosques in the world is here - the Al Saleeh Mosque. If you want to see the nature of Yemen then you should go to Wadi Dahr. In this wadi, you will also see the Rock Palace.

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