Getting around TashkentUzbekistan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

There are a couple of ways that you can get around Tashkent, so it shouldn't be so hard. You only have to choose the option that suites you the best and make sure that you learn everything that there is to learn about the option you choose.

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By taxi

Almost every car in Tashkent doubles as a taxi. There are two kinds of taxis: licenced taxis which have a roof-mounted "taxi" sign, and "independent" taxis which are driven by average people. The independent taxis usually leave it up to you to decide the price but make sure that you do not offer a price that will insult them. If you offer a fair price they will accept it without negotiating. Keep in mind that these taxis usually drive more passengers. If you decide to use a licenced taxi make sure that you agree on a price before setting off. The taxi drivers usually don't know the street names, so use landmarks to direct them to your destination.

By car

You can arrange to have a private car that will take you to anywhere you want. The best way to do this is through any hotel or a travel agency, but if you want to you can also try to find a private car on your own.

By bus, trolleybus and tram

All of these transportations have a fixed price that has to be paid to the conductor or driver. Most of them are marked in Latin Uzbek but there are still some marked in Cyrillic. The destinations are clearly marked on the windows so make sure that you know the name of the place where you are supposed to go.

By metro

The easiest way to get around Tashkent is by metro. During the day, the trains pass every five minutes. The stations are clean and safe with a tight security. You will have your bags checked on your way into the station. Even though it is not normal for the police to do search you, make sure that you have your passport with you at all times just to be safe. Keep in mind that taking pictures inside the stations is forbidden. To get on the train, you will need to buy a token (zheton). The system is pretty easy to use and you will hardly need a map. Just make sure that you know the name of the station at which you are supposed to get off so when you hear the name of it over the speaker you will know that it is time.