Tashkent, Uzbekistan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan. It is an ancient city that is located on the Great Silk Road. The ancient city was pretty much ruined by the 1966 earthquake, but there are some pretty amazing places that are still standing. However, over the last few years the city is undergoing a major modernization and reconstruction program. For the tourists, the new city is pretty impressive.

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Transportation in and around Tashkent

Getting in Tashkent is not that hard. You have several options from which you can choose. First of all, you can get in the city by plane via the Tashkent International Airport "Yuzhniy". There are a lot of international as well as domestic flights that operate on this airport. The airport is located just a couple of kilometers from the city center. Another option is the train. There are both international and domestic train lines. The direct international lines go to Moscow and Almaty. The domestic ones run almost across the whole country. If you want to you can also get in Tashkent by car. There are many road routes from the surrounding countries that will take you to the city. Just make sure that the borders are operating. The last option to get in Tashkent is by bus. However, you will need to take a bus to the border, cross the border on foot and then take another bus from the other side of the border. Purchase a ticket in advance.

Once in the city you also have a number of options to choose from to get around it. One option is by metro. The system is very good and it is pretty cheap. Keep in mind that taking photos at the metro stations is forbidden. There are three metro lines that operate in the city. Another option to get around the city is by car. There aren't major international car hire companies, but there are some local companies. Most of the companies also offer a driver. The last way to get around the city is by taxi. You can get a pretty cheap price if you know how to negotiate. There are authorized, official taxis, but almost all of the drivers in Tashkent double as taxi drivers. To hail a taxi stand by the side of the road with your arm extended downward and slightly away from the body. 

Explore Tashkent

There are definitely a lot to be seen in Tashkent. There isn't a way to separate the best places to visit because every place is a story for itself. The Kaldyrgach-bly Mausoleum is the most ancient monument in Tashkent, built in the 15th century. This is just one of the many amazing mausoleums that you can see in Tashkent. The Old Town is still pretty charming with amazing places to visit. The Chorsu Bazaar is the best place where you can buy amazing products and experience the everyday life and style of the people of Tashkent. The Tellya Sheikh Mosque holds the Osman Koran, which is considered to be the oldest Koran in the world. Tashkent is also filled with amazing museums such as the History Museum of the People of Uzbekistan where you can learn a lot about the history of the country. Tashkent is an amazing city with a lot of things to be seen. It is definitely worth a visit.