Ra's Al Khaymah, United Arab Emirates: Travel/Tourist Information Guide 

Ra's Al Khaymah is one of the seven emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates. The capital has the same name as the emirate - Ra's AL Khaymah. There are also a number of other cities which are part of this emirate all of them having their own unique thing.

Get in and around Ra's Al Khaymah

In order to get in this emirate, you have to acquire a visa first (except if you are a citizen of some of the countries which get a free of charge visit visa). You can get in the emirate by a number of ways: you can take a plane since the emirate has its own airport, you can get in by car or take a bus in some of the neighbouring emirates. Once you arrive you can get around the emirate by taxi, car, bus or on foot. There are also some tour operators which organize city tours around the capital of Ra's Al Khaymah.

Explore Ra's Al Khaymah

This emirate is a great place for tourists since there are a number of things that are worth seeing. First of all, one must visit the Old City of Ra's Al Khaymah because it is the oldest city in this emirate. When in the city there are a number of things one can see such as the old souq, old mosque and the Al Hisn Fort which nowadays is the National Museum. The Prehistoric Shimal is one of the oldest settlements in the area where you can see some ancient constructions. If you are a lover of the past you should also visit the Sheeba's Palace and the Falayah Fort. Ra's Al Khaymah is full with amazing wadis which are full with prehistoric settlements and breathtaking scenery.

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