Fujairah, United Arab Emirates: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Fujairah is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates and the only one that doesn't have a coastline on the Persian Gulf. It is the youngest emirate of the seven. 

Get in and around Fujairah

You can get in Fujairah by plane but keep in mind that the services of the airport are very limited. You can also get in Fujairah by car or by bus. Once you arrive it is best if you get around the empire by taxi since it is not really designed for pedestrians. 

Explore Fujairah

Even though it is the youngest empire there are still a number of things that must definitely be seen if one is visiting Fujairah. The first thing is the Fujairah Fort which is considered to be the oldest fort in the whole United Arab Emirates. Next site is the Al-Budyah Mosque which is considered to be the oldest mosque in the United Arab Emirates and there is also the Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is considered to be the second largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, one can visit the Fujairah Museum which has great artifacts dating from a long time ago. For the one that just wants to relax and enjoy nature Fujairah offers amazing beaches with white sand and crystal blue sea. 

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