Ajman, United Arab Emirates: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Ajman is one of the seven emirates that constitute the United Arab Emirates. It is the smallest of all the emirates. It is a one city emirate, so the capital is Ajman.

Get in and around Ajman

It is located in the middle of the Emirates so there are many roads from the biggest emirates that lead to Ajman. It does not have an airport currently, but they are planning about building one. To get in Ajman you can take a taxi from the bigger emirates or rent a car. Once you arrive in Ajman in order to get around you can take a taxi, which are really easy to come by. There are also tour buses which will take you around Ajman to see the main attractions.

Explore Ajman

Since it is a small empire there are not so many things to see, but the ones that are there are worth seeing. The main attraction is the Ajman Museum which is a fortress which used to be the first lie of defense. Another place is the Dhow Building Yard which is considered the world's biggest dhow building center. There is also an archeological site that you can visit on the out skins of the city called Mowaihat. It is very interesting which has a lot of ancient artifacts worth seeing. 

The best thing in Ajman are its beaches. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Emirates. That makes it the perfect places for the tourist that is looking for relaxation. 

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