Top things to do in AshgabatTurkmenistan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Ashgabat is a great city with many interesting things. Whether you want to enjoy the nature, visit museums or explore the city Ashgabat has it all. Whatever comes to your mind you could probably find it in Ashgabat. 

Parks in Ashgabat

Ashgabat has some pretty nice parks. Firstly, the Ashgabat park - one of the oldest parks in Ashgabat. It was reconstructed in 2014 and is full of trees, some of which are even 100 years old. Next, the Independence Park. It is the most famous park in Ashgabat and one of the main city attractions. The best thing about this park are the monuments that are placed all over it. Lastly, the World of Turkmenbashi Tales is a theme park and represents a Turkmen version of Disneyland. It consists of 80 attractions and it is based on Turkmen folk art and fairy tales.

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Museums in Ashgabat

There are three major museums in Ashgabat, but all of them are definitely worth a visit. The first one is the National Museum of History. It has over 500,000 exhibits most of which are archeological and ethnographical. It features various works of art, drawings, sculptures and many other things. Next is the Museum of Fine Arts. It features more than 6,000 exhibits such as sculptures, paintings and graphics painted by Turkmen, Russian and foreign artists. And finally comes the Turkmen Carpet Museum. It is a national museum which holds the biggest collection of Turkmen carpets. It holds the largest hand-woven carpet in the world.

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Tours in Ashgabat

Ashgabat is a great city with many things to be seen. If you want to see them all and to visit some of the surrounding places then you can go on a tour. A tour that you should go on is the Ashgabat city tour. On this tour, you will see some of the best places in Ashgabat: the archeological site of Old Nisa, the Spiritual Mosque, the Monument of Neutrality, the Presidental Square etc. Another tour that you should go on is the Darvaza tour. This one will take you to Darvaza which is the longest burning crater in the world. You will also visit the Erbent village to experience the locals' life. 

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