Tours in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Turkmenistan is a great country with many interesting places to visit. Ashgabat is one of the best cities in the country. However, there are other amazing places that you shouldn't skip if you have the chance to visit them. That is why, so make sure that you see the best places in Turkmenistan you could book a tour.

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To begin with, one tour that you must go on is the city tour of Ashgabat. This tour will take you around the capital city to see it's best sights. First you will explore the archeological site of Old Nisa; you will visit the Spiritual Mosque which is one of the biggest mosques in Central Asia; you will visit the National Museum of History; then you will visit the Monument of Neutrality. Lastly, you will visit the Presidental Square and the Independence Park. All of these are just some of the best things that you can see in Ashgabat.

When it comes to the surroundings of Ashgabat then you should definitely visit Darvaza. The gas crater in Darvaza is a must see. It is the longest burning crater in the world for over 50 years now. On the way back you will visit the Erbent village and experience the life of the locals. 

Apart from one day tours like the ones above, you can also go on a multiple day tour, around some of the best cities in Ashgabat. There are many agencies that organize these kinds of tours and they will not let you down. For instance, the tour that one agency offers will take you around Ashgabat; then you will visit Mary and Merv, where you will see great places such as Sultan Sanjar Mausoleum, Keshk Fortresses and many other; then you will visit Dashguz where you will see a great number of mausoleums, Kutlug Timur Minaret and then you will see the Darvaza gas crater.