Dushanbe, Tajikistan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Dushanbe is the capital and the largest city in Tajikistan. The name of the city means "Monday". It has that name because it grew from a village that had a popular market on Mondays. Dushanbe has a population of around 800,000.

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Transportation in and around Dushanbe

Getting in Dushanbe is not that hard. First of all, you can get in the city by plane from most of the major cities in Europe. When you arrive at Dushanbe you have to apply for a visa. Bring two passport photos and know the address of the place you are staying at. Another way to get in the city by train, but only from Moscow. The train leaves from Moscow and passes through Volgograd, Atyrau and Termez. There are no international buses to Dushanbe, but there are terminals where you can find a shared taxi or a minibus.

Once you arrive in Dushanbe the easiest way to get around the city is by shared taxis and marshrutkas. They run on a standard set of routes which might be hard to figure out at first. The marshrutkas can get quite crowded and they have more stops. Shared taxis are quicker and a little bit more expensive. Make sure that you learn some useful phrases that are used in transportation. 

Explore Dushanbe

Even though there aren't a lot of tourist attractions there are amazing things that can be seen in Dushanbe. First of all, a must-see is Fort Hissar. It was rebuilt in the 13th century. In the fort, there is a great museum of ancient Tajik culture. Another great place to visit is the Gurminj Musical Instrument Museum. It is a small museum but has very interesting Central Asian musical instruments. Dushanbe also has the second largest flagpole in the world. It is 165 meters high, just 5 cm less than the first largest flagpole the Jeddah flagpole. Apart from this, there are many other things that can be seen in Dushanbe. If you are the explorer kind of tourist then you will never get bored in this city.