Top Day Trip Experiences From Taipei

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Aside from Taipei city alone being an abundant place of tourist attractions, the Taiwan capital also serves as a nice starting point of memorable day trip experiences to make. Most of them can be accessed or reached through a short distance of maybe just a train ride away.

Here are some of the top day trips worth discovering from Taipei:


This is where visitors can relax in the most popular volcanic hot springs of the city, located at the foot of Yangming Mountain. Photo ops can be captured right at Hell Valley where the water temperature can even go as high as the usual boiling point. The place also offers the Beitou Public Library which boasts of great architectural design and the cute wooden Puji Temple. All of the attractions within Beitou can be done via walking from getting off at Xinbeitou station of MRT.


This is the place to enjoy a crazy night market adventure and witness the most iconic sunsets of all time. The best sunsets of Taipei can be witnessed by going to the Fisherman’s Wharf or hit the boardwalk at the Lover’s Bridge of Tamsui.


Aside from its tourist-friendly night markets due to tons of English signages, Keelung also has the Zhuputan Temple and the Zhongzheng Park to offer to its day tour visitors. People can go for a boat trip right to the Keelung Island cliffs or drop by Yehliu for rock formations.


Authentic local food and drinks can be tasted here in Wulai, which is the nearest aboriginal village to the capital city. It is also the location of riverside hot springs that are offered for anyone to enjoy for free.


This place made it to the list of the best trekking spots in the greater area of Taipei mainly because of its charming old villages and three of the highest waterfalls of the country. Never miss climbing the rock faces at Pingxi Station where lanterns are dramatically released during their own lantern festival.

Jiufen and Jinguashi

These two places were once popular mining towns of Taiwan. Take the chance to taste the taro and sweet potato balls right at Jihan Street in Jiufen. On the other hand, the more peaceful teashops with panoramic views can be seen in Jinguashi. Know more about its mining history details at the Gold Ecological Park and its Benshan Fifth Tunnel as well.

Other Day Trip Destinations From Taipei

Some other popular destinations from Taipei which can be done over a day’s trip include Fulong, Yingge, Taroko Gorge, Hsinchu, Shei-pa National Park, and the Sun Moon Lake within Nantou County.