Top Transport Modes To Get Around Taipei

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Traveling around Taipei, Taiwan goes hand in hand with the top transport modes for tourists to better enjoy their visit. There are five major options to choose from namely via the MRT Light Rail, taxis, buses, bicycle, and walking.


Their Mass Rapid Transit is a subway system that serves as the most helpful and convenient transportation mode to take to conquer the constantly expanding capital of Taiwan. It is also not too challenging to understand and navigate, even for first time tourists of their land. This mode is also pretty affordable particularly when riders get the discounted ticket fares or the one day passes and Easycard electronic cash system.

Majority of the light rail system is found underground. However, there are also some which are raised up such as the Bangkok Skytrain and the Tamsui red line. All of the lines though are connected as one. The Muzha trains are run without actual human drivers.


It is best to take taxis in Taipei for those who are just in a rush to get to somewhere around the city or even for those who want to reach the airport on time. It is safe to take taxis in the Taiwan capital since they are known for being honest and affordable. Above all, they can be found just about anywhere in Taipei. Just remember to have the address written down for the non-Chinese speakers. Majority of the drivers do not know how to speak in English. It is much safer to have the address written in the Chinese language too.


Many travel experts find it way easier during these modern days to enjoy the bus system of Taipei since there is an abundant increase of signs in English. The presence of gadgets and smartphones with GPS or Google Maps has also been very helpful for as long as there is data connection. If there is one important thing to note is that passengers should extremely hold on tight as many bus drivers in Taipei seem to be more reckless with rumors that they are paid based on the number of passengers they have. In short, every rider should be cautioned on how crazy fast these bus rides can go.


To take a bike around Taipei can be a pleasant experience to enjoy and try. The problem is the rising shortage of spaces to park them along with theft issues. U-bikes that are for rent is the safest way to enjoy cycling in the capital.


The Taipei capital is rich with safe footpaths or sidewalks that make walking a very interesting mode to take in getting around the place. Many prefer walking especially during the not so hot seasons. Just be on the lookout still for scooters that may also use the same paths.

In discovering Taipei’s various transport modes, it can be helpful to remember having the right amount of change always, in the absence of the Easycard. Make sure to check the signs too of when to pay, whether while it is getting on or off the ride.