Top Best Things To Do In Hualien

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With Hualien being the largest city right on the east coast of Taiwan, it certainly has a lot to offer to its visitors especially for the nature lovers who are in search for some quiet, calming and peaceful recreations. Here are some of the top best things to do and leading attractions to see in Hualien, Taiwan.

Observe The Harbor Life

To walk around the harbor portion of the city will already bring any visitor so much vigor. It can make any guest feel entertained by simply witnessing boats, fishermen working hard for their catch and even appreciating the sound and waves of the ocean. Most of the folks in the harbor are friendly and accommodating.


There are many Buddhist and Tao temples in the place. Some of the most popular ones to check out include the Dongjingchan Temple and the Sheng An and Cihhui Temples.

The Still Thoughts Hall in Tzu Chi Campus

Witness what many consider as the most photogenic attraction in Hualien which is the Still Thoughts Hall located in the Tzu Chi Campus. Do not miss on checking out their exhibit halls and their vegetarian lunch offered for free.

Enjoy The Nanbin Night Market

It can be relaxing to visit the Nanbin Night Market to grab a cold authentic Taiwanese beer and taste some stinky tofu or squids on sticks. Just make sure to have enough amount of change ready to avoid staying on the long lines. Since the night market is located right by the ocean, it can be a very romantic place for lovers and families too.

Pine Garden

This is a very serene garden that is home to 63 pine trees created way back in 1943. It also features a souvenir shop where local things are for sale. The jelly in ice cream shapes is definitely a must try.

Chi-Hsing Tan

Through a bike lane from the Nanbin Seashore Park, one can enjoy the panoramic views of the ocean, affordable seafood and a specialty goat restaurant that offers goat milk coffee. Even if the beach is not ideal for swimming, the place is perfect for walking and cycling.

Qixingtan or Chihsingtan Beach

This is a must visit beach to explore since its crescent gulf offers an amazing view of the Pacific. It may not be sandy but is packed with fine pebbles.

Hualien Ocean Park

This is a man-made attraction that is also considered the biggest tourist spot in Hualien. It also has a ferris wheel plus a cable car with eight zones featuring different categories of the ocean life and marine species.

Above all, Hualien, all in all is packed with all the spectacular terrains in the entire globe for activities like hiking and river tracing. Many tour groups go for an exciting adventure commonly in areas like Taroko.