Interesting Day Trips To Experience From Hualien

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Hualien is certainly a good base point for the most interesting and adventurous day trips to experience when visiting Taiwan. Here are some of the best sites to see that are not too far from the city.

Taroko Gorge

This is a popular destination for any traveling visitor or foreign guest of Taiwan since it is considered one of the previous jewels of the country. It is packed with tons of natural wonders of nature, isolated temples and the amazing red bridges with some in suspension design.

Hehuan Mountain

This will take quite a drive from the city for about four hours. But its hiking trails will take anyone on an amazing journey with majority of its environmental composition treeless to avoid getting lost.


This is located at the southern part of Hualien city and considered to be the little sibling of Taroko. Many love spending their weekend in this village along Mugua River with most of its paths already possible to drive on.

Highway 11

For those who have international driving licenses, never miss to rent out a scooter and drive your way to Highway 11. This journey will show you the entire coastline of Hualien and appreciate its natural beauty. Just be extra careful with your speed and pack some lunch.

Chishingtang Beach

This quiet beach is set in black stones and about ten minutes away from Hualien. It can be adventurous to ride a bike to the beach from Nanbin Park via the Coastal Bike Trail.

Jici Beach

This is another site perfect to visit on a day tip for water loving visitors. It will take a 30 minute ride from Hualien and considered to be one of the prettiest spots right along the East Coast Highway.

Qingshui Cliffs

Enjoy the best photo opportunity with a camera when visiting Quingshui Cliffs. It features rock cliffs that go straight down to the Pacific Ocean. It can be found on highway nine.