Best Transport Modes To Get Around Hualien, Taiwan

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The heart of Hualien in Taiwan is considerably small and convenient to explore by foot. However there are also the scooters that are famous modes of transportation that visitors of the place rent. The place does not really possess a vast transportation system for the public which makes taking cabs as well a convenient way to explore the sections outside of the center of the city.

Other major transport modes to take into consideration could be the following:


There are tons of bikes up for rent from majority of the hotels in the city. Right in front of the train station stands a huge bicycle shop as well that offers rentals of the units.


Buses in Hualien are way too many that they can be terribly a headache to know which one to take. It can be easier if the tourists or visitor know how to speak Chinese. If not, then it is best to carry a guide book with you or ask for assistance from the staff at the city’s visitor center.

Buses en route to the airport and downtown station run every 20 minutes. The Hualien Bus Company is the one that caters to the rides serving Lishan, Taidong and Taroko Gorge. Every 30 minutes, there is a bus that goes to the Taroko National Park Visitor Center. There seven buses each day that head to Tiansiang with the ride lasting for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. There is only one bus to Lishan and set only at 9:30 am since its trip last for five hours. Finally, the ones aiming to visit Taitung can choose from five buses each day with the ride lasting for four hours.


Rental of the scooters can be granted for as long as the visitor has a passport and an international driver’s license with them. Take note of getting a 100cc scooter type if the plan is to drive on the Highway 11 of the city.