Nightlife In Hualien

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After the sun sets, there are many activities to do in Hualien city that are not limited to just mere drinking or night clubbing. There is a wide variety of spots to visit and enjoy the diverse nightlife in the city. The establishments that locals and guests visit range from bars, cafes, shops, night markets and tea houses.

The Golden Triangle

This is found in the downtown part of the Hualien city in Taiwan. It is packed with tons of popular dining options such as Mr. Goose, Gongcheng Steamed Bun, and a lot more along with some souvenir and specialty stores.

Cafes/Restaurants/Tea Houses

The most famous ones that fall in these three categories include establishments like the Café Jade, Wang Ji Tea House, Farmers’ Kitchen, Dos Tacos, Bon Appetit, and the Rotafe Café.


This is in close proximity with the Golden Triangle and it is a spot ideal to discover during the night time. It features many exhibit events that feature local culture and handcrafted artistry. It also has a nice café and restaurant to enjoy dining within the Hualien Cultural Creative Park.

Ziquiang Night Market

The best street food of Hualien can be discovered at the Ziquiang Night Market. Some of the most iconic street foods to try out include the spring rolls and stinky tofu. The place can get pretty crowded when it is the weekend or during the peak season.

Shrimp Catching

Nature lovers will love the idea of shrimp catching. This activity can be something new to discover for the usual travelers whose idea of a nightlife is to go to a club or shop in night markets. This can be done usually on the riverside of Hualien during nighttime to catch those shrimps!