Top things to do in Damascus, Syria: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Damascus is the capital city of Syria and as such it offers a lot of great things to its tourist. It has a lot of great places that should be visited and great things that should be seen.

Parks in Damascus

There are a number of great parks in Damascus where you can go and just enjoy nature. One such park is the Tishreen Park and it is the largest park in the city. It is usually crowded and it is considered to be the most popular park in Damascus. This park is where the Damascus Flower Show is organised every year. Another great park is the Shackow's Park which is a great park if you want to go on a long walk. This park is also great for children because there are playground areas. Yet another great park that can be found in Damascus is the Sepky park.

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Museums in Damascus

There are not a lot of museums in Damascus, but the ones that are there are worth a seeing. The first one is the National Museum which is located in the west of the city. It is divided into 5 wings: Prehistoric age where you can see skeletons and remains from Stone-Age periods; Ancient Syria where you can see artifacts from ancient sites in Syria; Classical Age where you can see artifacts from Roman, Greek and Byzantine times; Islamic Age where you can see artifacts from different periods of Islamic history and the Contemporary wing where you can see works of artists from Syria, the Arab world, and other countries. Another museum can be found in the Azm Palace and here you can see artifacts that depict the life of the royal families.

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Tours in Damascus

Damascus is a city that has many beautiful places to offer to its tourists. The tour agencies organize many tours that will help you see all the best things in and around Damascus. For instance, you can go on a tour around the city of Damascus and on this tour you will see the Umayyad Mosque which is in the heart of the old city and has been a temple to different religions; then you will see the Al Azem Palace which is also located in the heart of the old city and it is the home of a museum; and lastly you will visit the best souqs in Damascus where you can find a lot of things to buy such as the Souq al-Hamidiyeh, Souq al-Harir and many other.

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