Nightlife in Damascus, Syria: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Given the situation in Syria, the nightlife in its capital is not what it used to be. However, there are still a number of bars and clubs that operate where yuo can go and have a great night out.

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Zodiaq is a club located in the heart of the Old City and it is designed liek an old cabaret. There is music and party from dusk till dawn. The club is large with many places to seat and has a large dance floor to dance. The list of drinks they offer is great and they also have a couple of dishes if you want to grab a bite to eat. The dishes are not so exclusive, but some basic appetisers and cheeses. 

After 7 is another great club that, as the name suggests, works from 7 till dawn. It has a specific atmosphere and loud music; it is usually crowded with both locals and tourists. The club offers a variety of drinks which are not fancy, but tasty. There is a small gallery from which you can view over the main room if you do not want to squeeze in the crowd.

Daves Du Roy is the most exclusive place in Damascus. It is mostly visited by rich businessmen. It is richly decorated with ornamental furniture. It offers features dancers which keep the entertainment up. On the menu, you can find French Champagne and many wines.