Historical Sights, Western Province, Sri Lanka: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Beruwala LighthouseBeruwala LighthouseDutch FortDutch FortOld Dutch HospitalOld Dutch HospitalRichmond CastleRichmond Castle

Old City Hall

Old City Hall is located in Colombo. The building from the British era is mostly empty today. It dates back to 1865. There are some old trucks and municipal equipment on display in the ground floor galleries. When going up to the vintage mahogany stairs, it is likely to discover a waxworks in the old council chambers. There are replicas of the town’s first councilors in 1906 covered in dust. Opening hours: 8 am – 5 pm. Address: Main St, Col 11, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Old Dutch Hospital

Old Dutch Hospital is located in Colombo. This colonial-era complex dates back to the early 1600s. It is home to shops, cafes and restaurants run by some of Colombo’s best operators. An annex has now opened in a 19th century British building on the backside that faces Chatham St. Address: Bank of Ceylon Mawatha, Col 1, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Dutch Fort

It is located in Negombo. It is one of the most distinct tourist attractions in Negombo. The structure goes back to Sri Lanka’s colonial days when the nation used to be under the rule of the Portuguese and the Dutch. The Fort was built in 1642 in order to guard the lagoon. The fort’s grounds are now occupied by the town’s prison. There are several other Dutch buildings in use such as the Lagoon Resthouse.

Richmond Castle

The Castle is located in Kalutara. It was built in 1896 at Palataota in a little inland. Richmond Castle is a 42-acre fruit garden estate. It was originally built for a wealthy regional governor. The two storied building has 15 rooms with a mix of British and Indian styles copied from the plans of an Indian Maharaja’s palace designed by a London architect. The house and grounds are open to the public. Currently, the castle is used as a school for underprivileged children and also a spot for theatrical productions.

Beruwala Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a well-organized international lighthouse. It is one of the four international lighthouses in Sri Lanka. It is located off the beach of Beruwala and it is located on Barberyn Island that it is also known as Barberyn Lightbouse. Barberyn Island is located 0.8 km offshore from Beruwala on the south west coast of Sri Lanka. The lighthouse is a 34 m high round white conical granite tower. It presents a 360 degree panorama of the surrounding spectacle.

China Fort

It is located in Beruwala. China Fort is the gem trading fair of Beruwala. It is dominated by the Sri Lankan Muslims. There has been a conduction of gem trading at China Fort for several generations and the merchants of China Fort supply almost all the precious gemstones to the entire world. There is usually a big crowd of buyers and sellers in the streets showing their gems to those interested to buy. The gems are packed in small rectangular folded gem papers and they are only being unfolded to potential buyers.