Slovenia, Ljubljana: Day Trips / Excursions


Lake Bled at TwilightLake BledPiranSunset in PiranPostojna CaveSkocjan Cave


Ljubljana is a fairly small city, so it is possible to feel like exploring the surroundings. Moreover, the city is an ideal spot to take day trips to explore different places.

City of Kranj: An old town which is only thirty minutes drive from Ljubljana. The city was build on the shores of two Alpine rivers which are Sava and Kokra. Nowadays, it is knowsn as the city of France Preseren, the famous poet. There is an attractive old town, the canyons of Kokra river, nearby hills, lakes and mountains.

Slovenia beaches: Slovenia has 40 km coastline of the Adriatic. The beaches might be a nice getaway from the city for a bit of relaxation. The coast is mostly bilingual because of the small Italian population living there. The famous seaside attractions of this coastline are Piran, Portoroz and Izola.

Bled Lake: It is the most well known Slovenian liake and it is also the top tourist destination in the whole Slovenia. It also attracts the tourists and holiday makers due to its alpine air and clean waters. It is possible to see the Bled Castle situated above the lake. The access to the lake is easy by taking a bus which takes about an hour. Also it is possible to take the train.

Postojna and Skocjan Caves:  Postojna Cave is located in the Karst region and it is the most visited European cave and the most visited tourist attraction in Slovenia.It has an entrance fee of 22, 90 euros which makes the cave one of the most espensive attractions of the country. In addition, the Skocjan cave is listed on the UNESCO list which is less popular with tourists although it is  seen as much better for the locals.