Top things to do in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Riyadh has a lot of amazing things that a tourist can do in it. There is something to do for anybody, no matter whether you want to enjoy nature, walk around museums or just go sightseeing around the city.

Parks in Riyadh

There are many parks in Riyadh and all of them are amazing if you want to enjoy nature. One such great park is the King Abdullah Park which is a huge area all covered with grass. In the park, you will find a dancing fountain, amphitheatres, an open area for organising events and shows and many other things. You have to pay a fee to get in the park. Another great park in Riyadh is the Salam Park. It is located near the lake so you can get on a boat and get to the fountain that is in the middle of the lake. There are big water balls for children, an amusement park, food cabins and many other things. Dirriya Park is located in the Dirriya district in Riyadh and it is the local park in this district. It is a great place to go to with you family, with a lot of greenery and swings. 

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Museums in Riyadh

There are also a lot of great museum in Riyadh where you can learn more about the history of Saudi Arabia and see some amazing artifacts. The first and the must-see museum if you are ever visiting Riyadh is the National Museum. It has an amazing interior design which combines traditional Saudi style with modern architecture. You will learn about the history of Arabia since its earliest historical ages up until today.

There are eight galleries in the museum all of which depicts a specific theme. Another museum that you must visit in Riyadh is the Al-Masmak Historical Museum. It is located in the Al-Masmak Fort and it depicts the story of the storming Masmak and recovery Riyadh by King Abdulaziz. In this museum, you will see photos, maps, cabinets, weapons and other objects. If you are interested in planes then Riyadh has an amazing museum for you. The Saqr Al-Jazeera Aviation museum depicts the aspects of the Royal Saudi Air Force. It tells the story how it all began from five planes and developed to hundreds powerful aircrafts.

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Tours in Riyadh

Riyadh is an amazing city that has a lot of fun things. There are agencies in Riyadh that organise great tours. A must-go tour is the one that will take you to explore the city of Riyadh. There are amazing things to be seen in the city such as the Masmak Fortress which is the place which best depicts the old Riyadh; the Murabba Palace which is the second old mud-brick palace; the Kingdom centre which is the best modern architectural piece in Riyadh and the second tallest building in Saudi Arabia. Another great tour will take you to Wadi Hanifah which is a great place with a stunning scenery.

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