Tours, excursions and day trips around Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Riyadh is an amazing city with a lot of things to be seen. There are many sites that are worth seeing and that will stay in your memory forever. To make sure that you do not miss anything, it is always a great idea to book a tour with some fo the agencies that operate in the city. There are many amazing tours that the agencies offer and each of them offers something amazing to be seen.

For instance, there is a historical tour around Riyadh which will help you learn something more about the history of Saudi Arabia. This tour will take you to see the Al-Masmak Castle which is the oldest for that can be seen in Riyadh; the Justice square where they behead the prisoners that received that kind of punishment; Souq Al-Zal here you can find some interesting things you can buy and AlThumariri Street. 

There is also another great tour that will take you inside the museum in Riyadh where you will see all kinds of artifacts that depict the history of Saudi Arabia. The museums that you will visit are Almurabba Historical Palace, King Abdul-Aziz Memorial Hall and the National Museum of Saudi Arabia. 

Another great tour that you can go on is the one that will take you to see the ancient camel track. This track is a very important archeological site and is about 90km from Riyadh on the road to Mecca. It is built with geometrically distinctive stones and it was the link between Riyadh and the western region. It was one of the busiest road in the area with trade caravans and camels.