Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Riyadh is the capital city of Saudi Arabia. It is located at the east of the center of the country.

Transportation in and around Riyadh

The best way to get in Riyadh is by plane at Riyadh's King Khaled Airport. It is about 35 km from the city. There are flights from a number of big cities, mainly in Europe and Asia. From the airport to the city you can get by taxi. Another way to get in the city is by train from withing Saudi Arabia. You can also get in the city by bus from within Saudi Arabia as well. The final way to get in the city is by car.

Once in the city there are a number of ways to get around it. The city is more oriented for cars which makes the public transport underdeveloped, but there are still mini buses which run through the city. These buses might be hard to spot since they are no posted stops and the routes are mostly in Arabic. Another way to get around the city is by taxi. The taxis are mostly colored white and most of them can be found in the city center. Drivers usually use the meter, but you might try to negotiate for a fixed price. Drivers do not speak well English, so it would be good if you learnt your destination in Arabic. The best option to get around Riyadh is by renting a car. The locals drive little aggressive so you will need to be cautious when driving. Keep in mind that it is illegal for women to drive and they may get arrested. Another transportation option for getting around the city is on foot. However, the city is not really designed for pedestrians since there are no footpaths or crossing for pedestrians.

Explore Riyadh

Before going sightseeing make sure that you learn when the places that you want to visit are open. Riyadh has a National Museum that is definitely worth a visit. It is the best sight in Riyadh and it has a lot of artifacts that depict the history of Saudi Arabia. Another place that you should visit is the Masmak Fortress. It was recently renovated so it looks as if it were new, but on the inside the old building is kept as it was. Here you can see a lot of artifacts from the history of Riyadh. Another great place to visit is the As-Suffat or the Chop-Chop Square. Here convicts are publicly beheaded by a sword. You are allowed to watch the beheading, but make sure that you are up for it. Another great thing to see is the Kingdom Center. It is the most modern building id Riyadh and it is the second tallest building in Saudi Arabia with 305 meters in height. You can get up to the 99th floor and have a great view of the city.