Top things to do in Doha, Qatar: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Doha is an amazing city which is filled with things to do. Whether you want to walk in nature, learn about history or go sightseeing Doha is the right place for you. It offers a lot of things to its visitors and you cannot be disappointed by it.

Parks in Doha

There are a lot of parks in Doha and it is really hard to choose which ones are the best because all of them are great. For instance, there is the Aspire park. It is a great park which is filled with amazing things. There is a lot of greenery, there are playing courts, playground equipment, shade shelter, trails and a fountain. It is a really popular destination so it is always filled with people. Another great park is the Sheraton Park. It is one of the oldest parks in the city and has the best running track. It is located in the heart of the city so it is always full of people. One more great park is the Al Bidda park where you can found a couple of fountains, amazing bridges and playground equipment. It is a great place for families and kids especially. This park is also the home to the Heritage village, a group of structures that are meant to look like a traditional Qatari village. 

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Museums in Doha

Doha is also a place that is filled with amazing museums where you can learn a lot of about the history of the country. One must-see museum is the National Museum of Qatar. The building of the museum is amazing, inspired by petals of desert roses. Here you can see artifacts which depict Qatar's ancestors and the modernization of Qatar. The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) holds the most impressive collection of artwork crafted according to the traditional styles and techniques across the Middle East. You can see all kinds of artifacts here such as ceramic ware, carpets, manuscripts, metalwork etc. Another amazing museum in Doha is the MATHAF - Arab Museum of Modern Art. If you like art that this is a place you must visit. Here you will see a great collection of works dating back to 1840s up until today.

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Tours in Doha

Doha is a place that is filled with amazing things to see. There are many agencies that operate in the city which organize different tours. Each tour will take you to a different location and each tour will offer you something amazing to see. For instance, you can go on a tour to the museum mentioned above. On this tour, you will have to opportunity to learn something more about the history of Qatar. Another great tour that you can go on is to the souqs of Doha, especially to Souq Waqif. On this tour, you can buy a lot of great things from the souq such as jewelry and handicrafts, all of which will resemble the culture of Qatar. One more great tour will take you to the Katara Cultural Village where you can learn more about the culture of Qatar. And last but not least a great tour would be the one that will take you to Pearl Qatar - a man-made island where you will find a lot of quality shops and restaurants which offer great meals. 

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