Places to visit near Palawan

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Palawan used to be a starting point in order to visit other areas and Puerto Princesa, the main city and capital of the province of Palawan, is not really much to see but it is the jump off point to visit places that are far more interesting and which are nearby. Palawan is an island of the Philippines with an airport and a sea harbor enabling people to reach other places that are close such as El Nido where you can visit the Small Lagoon which is a fascinating place where there is a lovely beach made out of coral sand. If you like the Small Lagoon, you could then travel a little further to visit the Big Lagoon. This is quite a lagoon to visit but if you go in the high season, you might find it a little crowded.
The beach of Nacpan in El Nido is a typical beach for doing absolutely nothing and getting a good tan, here you can find seashells to take back home with you and this is a great beach for unwinding after exploring the subterranean cave or hiking around in the inland areas. Once you have relaxed enough and gotten a good tan, you might want to get back into action and for this you can trek up the Ugong Rock and zipline here and enjoy fantastic views of the forest and the surroundings.
Once you have tired from jungle style living and want to get a little civilized, you can explore some of the cultural aspects of this part of the Philippines by going to Culion to visit the Museum and Archives there. This museum used to be a leper hospital and people would be taken here to be isolated and eventually die here until a cure was found in this place and people with leprosy could recover. Today it is a museum that is testimony to the suffering of many people and the dedication of many others.
Another museum you can visit in Palawan is the Ethnographic Museum which is dedicated to the culture and history of the island. Here you can take pictures and see exhibits that will enable you to understand the culture and mores of this island.
At night you can do something quite special. Take a ride on a canoe and go up the river in pitch black darkness to see the magical light of millions of fireflies. This is quite an experience and well worth it. There is also a buffet restaurant before you leave where you can enjoy Filipino foods and get yourself ready for this lovely experience.
Near Palawan you can visit Coron which, although it is not a great destination in itself, is a great place to start island hopping. There are several small islands near it that make for fun swimming and scuba diving. The best way to get here is to fly from Manila to its tiny airport in Busuanaga.
The other place one needs to visit when staying in Palawan is El Nido which is quite touristic but still nice and which offers wonderful views of the beaches. There are lots of restaurants serving Filipino delicacies and this is a place with lots of hotels and amenities for the whole family.