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A great place to get away from it all in busy Manila, is the small island of Boracay which is about 196 miles south of Manila. It is very close to Panay Island. This island is a beach haven with beautiful beaches of white sand. This island has two sorts of areas that depend on which direction the wind is blowing from. One side is Amihan wind which translates into cool northeast wind. The other side is Habagat which means Southwest wind which is southwest moonson. During the Amihan season it doesn´t rain and during the Habagat season it rains a lot. Amihan weather is from October to June and Habagat is from July to September. The best time to come here is during Amihan weather and the part to visit is White Beach which is protected from the wind by the mountains. Thanks to this windy season Boracay is a great place for windsurfing and kiteboarding. Other interesting things to do in Boracay are scuba diving, snorkelling or parasailing.
You can also play golf here on an 18 hole course and there are over 350 resorts of all prices and qualities.
Boracay is a true leisure destination for international and national tourism and the many developments on the island have not destroyed its charm and the quality of its touristic offers. Being part of the Philippines, one of the things to do in Boracay is enjoy a tasty meal of typical foods. After dinner you can go to many places for a nighttime drink and enjoyment of a show in one of the many tourist resorts and night clubs.
This tropical island is a great place for enjoying strolls in gardens and seeing tropical flora, as well as shopping and visiting local places of interest such as the caves.
Boracay is an international tourist destination ever since the 1970 ies when a German writer wrote a book about this place and that marked the beginning of a blossoming tourist trade until nowadays when it has become a landmark in tourism because of its famed White Beach which features powdery white sands and crystal clear waters where one can scuba dive and see many sea creatures and fish.
Due to the great diversity of its flora, Boracay has a butterfly garden that is well worth a visit as well as seeing the flying foxes in the caves.
A fun thing to do at sunset is to go Paraw sailing, a Paraw is a small outrigger boat that has two sails.
For brave people, there is a great place to dive off a cliff into the water, the highest diving point on the cliff is 13 meters high which makes for quite a dive, there are lower points too and for the meek, there are floating docks so you can dive off the edge.
A nice thing to do is have a zipline ride for 300 meters, it isn´t very scary or anything but does make for a fun thing to do before lunch.
You can also drive to the highest peak in the island called Mt. Luho.
Let yourself be pampered in one of the many spas on the island and after that, go out to a party. At night the entire island becomes one huge place to party and dance as well as enjoy shows such as those offered by fire dancers.
Enjoy the sunsets in Boracay from a beach side terrace or in a hammock enjoying a tropical juice. Swim in calm waters near the shore and island hop as well.