Boracay at night

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Boracay is a great tourist destination in the Philippines and it is famous for its “White Beach” a marvellous beach with powdery pure white sand.
After spending the day doing many activities and exploring the area, when night falls it is time to go out to dance and have a few drinks.
Boracay has a seemingly endless amount of places that are attractive, safe and appealing to tourists. The best thing to do is to go out to one of the many restaurants and enjoy some delicious Filipino food, this country is famous for its cuisine and you should try it.
After dinner, you can start working off some of the excess calories you´ve accumulated from your scrumptious dinner, by walking along the waterfront in areas known as “Stations” there is Station 1 and Station 2. The best places to go pub crawling are along White Beach and the more famous bars are Cocomangas, Pat Creek Bar, Café del Sol, Isla Baila, Cocoloco and Sex Shooter Bar which is located near the northern end of White Beach and, which its name implies, is a place to pick up girls for a night.
The other side of the island also has interesting and fun places to go out at night such as the Banana Saging which offers food plus drinks.
In Boracay you can dance till the sun comes up! If you are a young person then you might enjoy Pier One which is a restaurant during the first part of the evening and later on the tables are removed and it becomes a disco with hiphop and techno music mostly. This is the place where popular Manila singers come to give live shows. There is a place called Club Paraw which is right on the beach, this place is a disco and is located near the Cocomangas bar, so you could enjoy some drinks there and then come over here to dance and relax. Another place, called Friday Resort offers ethnic and traditional dancing shows on Friday nights. It is a good idea to come and see these shows as part of your trip. If what you like is Karaoke, then you can have some laughs with your friends at the Sulu Star.
Boracay offers a few 24 hour places where you can grab something to eat if you get hungry during the night and one of these is Sea Lover´s which serves delicious Filipino food. It is a small little place so you might miss it. In D´Mall you can go to Salad Bar, a place where they serve salads and sándwiches.
To wrap up the evening, you could have a last drink at Bamboo Beach Resort.
For people who want an evening that is a little less strenuous there are many restaurants and lounges in the better hotels that offer entertainment at night with live music and comfortable installations.
Places to go out in Station 1 for a bite to eat is 2 Kings which is a burger bar and here you can enjoy a drink with not so much noise, you can also play pool here.
The Sandbar Beach Club is the place to go in order to see the sunset and watch the fire dancers right there on the beach.
The White House Boracay Beach Bar is a modern place where they have the best disco dancing in town. This is the place to come to have a wild party and during the high season this place is jam packed with people dancing and drinking. It is also a great place to go to during the off season as you can lounge around and enjoy its sensational decor.