Papua New Guinea (PNG) outside and about: fun day trips and interesting excursions to take

One thing for sure about Papua New Guinea is that it displays an array of distinct natural beauty. There's something different about this travel destination that lures people from far and wide to it. Filled with charm it dazzles all who dare to travel it and promises fun and interesting things to do. Get involved in any of the following items to be swooned and amazed by this special place:

Take a tour of the Wau Ecology Institute near Lae. It has a little museum and zoo where various species of animals can be observed. 

For those who don't call a holiday a holiday without sporting activities, partake in water activities such as water-skiing, fishing, scuba-diving, windsurfing, sailing or other land sports like squash, tennis or golf. 

Go on a river tour around the islands from Madang Province up the Sepik River and stop off at the market and pick up some souvenirs. 

Explore the New Britain underground tunnel which is 360 miles long,  a tunnel system built by the Japanese during the war.

Do the Kokoda Trail and Soger just outside of Port Moresby. Enjoy spectacular scenery and winds through rubber plantations. 

Lastly, go on a backpacking and hiking tour or bush walking or better yet, take a jungle tour in the Chambri regions which visits remote villages where houses are built on stilts. 

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