Lahore, Pakistan: Day Trips and Excursions


It is a holy city in the state of Punjab in India. It is possible to cross the Wagah border and reach Amritsar and visit the Golden Temple.  On the other hand, an Indian visa will be needed for that.  The name of the city comes from the pool around the Golden Temple. It means “holy pool of nectar”. It is the spiritual and cultural centre of the Sikh religion. The Golden Temple was established by Guru Ramdaas Ji. It is the most important religious place to the Sikhs.  There are also other notable sights in Amritsar such as Jallianwala Bagh which is the site of the 1919 Amritsar massacre and Mata Temple which is a labyrinthe like Hindu cave temple devoted to the female saint Lal Devi, Summer Palace of Maharaha Ranjit Sing which houses a museum, exhibiting oil paintings and many more. Amritsar is very easy to reach from Pakistan through Wagah Border. It can be reached by an autorickshaw to the Attari Station which costs around Rs 15 and takes around 3 km, then taking  a local bus to Amritsar which is 25 km away from there.

Changa Manga

Changa Manda is a human made plantation which is located about 70 km from Lahore. It is a perfect spot for all wildlife and nature lovers. It is located in the Indus Plains of Punjab, Pakistan. It is possible to see different kind of animals like jackels, axis deers and wild cate. There are also some big mammal species which became rare or endangered in Pakistan has been protected here. From Lahore, the journay takes approximately one hour by car.


The ancient city of Harappa was one of the first Indus Valley civilization sites and it is a must see for the ones who are into achaeology. It is located 300 km southwest of Lahore.  It is easy to reach there from Lahore.


It is the northern suburb of Lahore. It is located ont he northern side of the Ravi River. Shahdara means  “the way of kings”. It hosts seceral historical Mughal architectural sites including the Akbari Sarai, the Tomb of Jahangir, the tomb of his consort Nur Jahan and the tomb of his brother in law Asif Khan. It is very easy to reach Shahdara from Lahore by using railway.

Hiran Minar

It is located north of Sheikhpura and it used to be the favorite hunting spot of all Muslim rulers. Hiran Minar is located around 43 km from Lahore. It had the status of a royal hunting ground. The tower is built due to the order of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. The tower is 110 feet in hight and there are 108 steps on a spiral staircase that goes up to the summit of the minaret. The top of the minaret has an eye catching sight in the around areas.