Lahore, Pakistan: Getting Around

Getting around Lahore can be a challenge. It is a huge city. The only options in the old town are walking or getting an autorickshaw. It is best to explore on foot and it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes and to remind it is usually too hot to walk long distances during the day except winter months. The best time to explore is Sunday mornings because they are usually quiet. It is also recommended to be careful when asking address to people in Lahore because it is possible to be misguided, so the better option would be by conforming the address by asking more people or using a GPS function. Another option is to get around Lahore is by metro bus. The central metro bus line runs from the northern end of the city to the southern part. The buses are frequent, air conditioned, safe and very comfortable. It is best to check the station closes to the destination beforehand. Because Lahore is an unplanned city, it is very easy to get lost .

The next option is by taking an autorickshaws or tuk-tuks. Their sides are open and they are handy for moving around in the Inner City. Travellers might be horrified and surprised from the chaotic roads, however they are the cheapest public transport option in Lahore. In addition, for women, they are also the safest ones. Next, finding taxis are rare because of the population of autorickshaws. For a taxi, it is needed to book one by phone. It is not recommended to take taxis in the Inner city because the streets are narrow and crowded. Minivans are usually not recommended because they are very crowded and women will find it uncomfortable. They are also the most dangerous form of public transport. Buses are much better options because they are cleaner and more comfortable than minivans. They usually have a seperate seating area for women.