Tours, parks and museums in Bagan, Myanmar; Travel Tourist Information Guide

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City as filled with pagodas and temples as Bagan is guaranteed to hold those as their main tourist attraction. So, most of the tours in Bagan include visiting the same shrines, although there are a few that are a little less ordinary than others.


Bagan Temple Tour is one of the most used tours around Bagan. It includes 7 pagodas & temples as well as the sunset over the Irrawaddy River. It lasts around 8 hours and includes visiting the Shwezigon Pagoda, Ku Byanuk Gyi, Khay Min Ga Temple, Ananda Temple, Nanbaya Temple, Bupaya Pagoda finished with the sunset over Irrawaddy River.

Bagan Escape is a 4-day tour and includes visit and overnight stay in Yangon. It also includes visits to Old Bagan with its temples, and visiting other attractions in the city itself. There is also a half-day tour around Yangon inserted in this tour. One of the highlights of this tour is visit to the Scott Market, where local handicrafts and gems can be bought cheaply.


There are not that many parks in Bagan. Most temples are surrounded by greenery, so there’s not much space for big parks in the city. However, only 80 kilometers east of the city, there are a very versatile Mount Victoria and Nat Ma Taung National Park. Both are considered a great place or ornithologists, or birdwatchers. The nearest airport to Mount Victoria and Nat Ma Taung National Park is Bagan Nyaung U, which is an 8 hour drive away. After climbing Mount Victoria, tourists will have a chance to visit villages populated by the local tribes and experience their culture. There is also a $10 entrance fee, usually covered by the price of the tour.


Bagan Archaeological Museum was opened in 1904, and is located in north Bagan near the Gawdawt Palin Pagoda. It actually has two stages of existence; The First Museum and the Second, or New Museum. The First Museum building was a small structure no larger than 60 feet by 30 feet. It contained mainly stone inscriptions and Buddha images and other objects of cultural significance. The building was then renovated, enlarged and opened to the public in 1979. The one-story building has now been transformed into a three-story building boasting some of the most significant pieces of cultural history in the country.

Bagan can be fully experienced by tours both in and around the city. Besides numerous temples and pagodas, the city’s surroundings offer a lot more options and activities to adventurous tourists.