Excursions and day-trips around Bagan, Myanmar; Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Location of Mount Popa Cruiser on the Irrawaddy RiverYoke Sone Kyaung PagodaThe Chauk people in their villageU Pone Nya Museum Salay Yoke Sone Monastery's carvings777 steps to Mount Popa peakTaung Kalat Monastery on top of Mount Popa

There are over 2000 pagodas and temples in Bagan. The city is rightfully regarded as the Holly City of Buddhism in Myanmar. So, it is not hard to imagine that there are many tours organized that include those shrines. However, there is much more to see and do in Bagan than just visiting shrines, such as ferry rides along the Irrawaddy River, etc.

Excursion to Sale & Mount Popa is a day-trip, which provides a boat trip tour combined with an excursion to Sale town and Mount Popa to visit Yoke Sone Monastery and the extinct volcano. The excursion also includes walking on 777 steps to the shrine on the top of the hill, and visiting local villages. The tour usually lasts for about 8 hours.

Sacred Mountain and Villages Tour starts by a one hour cruise on a private boat down the Irrawaddy River. From the western bank of the River, the jeep collects passengers and takes them on a ride to one of the 4 Holly Mountains worshiped by local people. The story goes that if one can complete visits to all 4 of the mountains, he will be granted and fulfilled a wish. The pagodas on these mountains enshrine the relics of the Buddha. The tour lasts around 9 hours.


Day-trip to Salay includes visiting the famous Yoke Sone Kyaung Monastery in Salay and the heritage museum of the famous writer Salay U Pone Nya during the time of the Myanmar Kings. The Chauk provincial local markets are also visited, for a nice look at the life of the locals, and, perhaps, buy some original handicrafts cheaply.

Irrawaddy River Cruises are organized by multiple companies, so there is no fixed price, itinerary, or even vehicle that this cruises use. Most of the cruises passing through Bagan start at Mandalay, and go through Pyay and Bagan, until reaching Yangon finally. Ferries are the most common vehicles used for these cruises, but there are also some luxury boats, as well as traditional Burmese small boats.

Horse Cart Excursion includes visits to the local villages, as well as any other sites one would like to see. The sites usually include shrines in the Old City, as well as those past the city walls. Since there is no fixed price or itinerary for this tour, one can always negotiate a price with the driver, who is also the owner of the horse cart, and places he would like see and stop at.

There is certainly more to see and do around Bagan than one would probably expect, since the city is world famous for its pagodas and temples. The Irrawaddy River and local villages with preserved way of life, especially amongst the Chauk people, are very unique experiences that ought to be experienced when in Bagan.