Bars and restaurants in Bagan, Myanmar; Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Eden BB and Restaurant at nightNight Market in BaganPuppet show at Nan Dar RestaurantSithu Restaurant by the Irrawaddy RiverThe Beach Restaurant signThe Green Elephant RestaurantThe Trande Hotel's Beach Restaurant at sunsetView of the Irrawaddy River from the Pavillon Lounge

Although there is not much to say about nightlife in Bagan, it still offers some sort of entertainment when the night settles. Most restaurants and hotels also feature bars suitable for party loving tourists. This mostly includes sitting in one of the riverside restaurants and bars, by the Irrawaddy River. Moreover, most of these bars feature traditional Burmese puppet shows accompanied by the Burmese music. There are no discos or nightclubs in Bagan.
Another, not negligible, characteristic of Bagan’s nightlife is that it comes pretty cheap. One can rarely find an establishment where a bottle of beer costs more than $1, and domestic beverages are even cheaper, and not far behind, if at all, in terms of quality. However, alcohol is not wide spread and popular in big quantities in this city, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, since Bagan is world famous for its religious sites and shrines.
One of the most popular such restaurants is The Pavilion Lounge, located right on the shores of the Irrawaddy River. This restaurant is a part of the Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort, and therefore is available only for its guests. The sunset over the Irrawaddy River is especially eye-catching from seats in this restaurant.
Eden BBB Restaurant is one of a few establishments in Bagan offering western food and barbecue. The restaurant is located on Bagan-Nyaung-U Main Road.
Nan Dar Restaurant is very popular for its puppet show, held here every night. This restaurant is also located in Nyaung-U, on the Bagan-Nyaung-U Main Road.
Sithu Restaurant is a bit different than most restaurants in Bagan. The restaurant is located by the Irrawaddy River, but, unlike other restaurants located on the River, this one offers a little more than eating, drinking, and sunset gazing; tourists and local are known to organize rave parties here, sometimes deep into the night. Perhaps the closest Bagan has to western-like party houses.
The Beach Bagan Restaurant and Bar is one of the most comprehensive venues in the city; it serves as a restaurant, bar, beer garden and even has live music events on some nights.
It should be noted that the Bagan Night Market is pretty lively at night, featuring the famous red lights and colorful umbrellas, often seen in Southeast Asia. Local handicrafts and other goods can be bought cheaply here, especially if one has bargaining skills and patience.

One should remember that most restaurants and bars are situated within their respective hotels and guesthouses, and are exclusive for their guests to enjoy. There is not much to do at night in Bagan for fun, so the most popular activities seem to be watching sunsets over the Irrawaddy River, or traditional Burmese puppet shows in one of the many restaurants that offer them. Prices are pretty much the same as they are during daytime, which means pretty cheap by most standards.