Cheap accommodation in Bagan, Myanmar; Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Aung Mingalar Hotel in Nyaung-U at nightBagan Empress HotelBagan Nova Guesthouse at nightSitting area and stairs at Bagan Nova GuesthouseOstello Bello sign and front yardShwe Na Di guesthouse in Nyaung-UThe Floral Restaurant by the poolside at the Floral Breeze HotelTurizza Hotel's courtyard under night lights

Bagan is one of the most visited sites in Myanmar, and therefore has a nice network of accommodation. There are plenty of cheap hotels, guesthouses, and, unusually, resorts and inns situated in some of the city’s shrines. Despite being so popular amongst tourists, Bagan’s accommodation owners haven’t picked up the prices yet, so it remains relatively cheap to stay here.

Ostello Bello is a hostel located at Hkan Latt Quarter, New Bagan. It is about half of a kilometer from the city center, so location is a big plus. The prices start at $18 per night.
The Floral Breeze Hotel. The name says it all; the hotel’s main landmark are plants and herbs situated in its surroundings. The hotel also features Floral Restaurant , overlooking the pool, specialized in Asian cuisine and serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The prices start at $35 per night.
Shwe Na Di Guest House is a very nice 1-star guesthouse, located on the Main Road in Nyaung-U, 6 kilometers from Bagan City. An overnight in this guesthouse is amongst the cheapest, starting at $15 per night.
Bagan Empress Hotel, with its modern, but traditionally looking building, really captures the old times when Bagan was the country’s most significant town. It is located at Khanlatt Quarter, Anawaratha Ward, only 800 meters from the city center. Prices for one night start at $30.
Bagan Nova Guesthouse is a 2-star guesthouse located at Yuzana Street, about half of a kilometer from the city center. The prices start at $30 per night.
Golden House Hotel is a 2-star hotel located on the Main Road, in New Bagan. It gives u a sense of the Burmese traditionalism, with some colonial influence. Prices start at $35 per night.
Thurizza Hotel is located also about 600 meters from the city center. It features a spacious front yard, and a fairy-tale-like courtyard. It is really nice at night, under nightlights. The prices start at $30 per night.
Aung Mingalar Hotel is located 5 kilometers fro Bagan City, at Block No 5 in Nyaung-U. Another establishment rich in vegetation, which features its own restaurant. Prices start at $21 per night.
Yar Kinn Tha is a hotel also located in Nyaung-U, 5 kilometers from Bagan City, and 2 kilometers from the Nyaung-U Airport. Prices for an overnight stay in this 3-star hotel located on the Anawrahta Road in Nyaung-U start at $30.

There are also more expensive, even luxury hotels i resorts in Bagan, such as Kaday Aung Hotel in New Bagan, or the unusual 3-star Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort, situated in the middle of the Bagan Archaeological Zone in Old Bagan. However, prices can really be misleading in the sense that the cheaper hotels we have named in this text are not much worse, if at all, from the more expensive ones.