Puebla, Mexico: Nightlife

Puebla’s nightlife is still in an emerging stage, so the options are fairly limited compared to other Mexican cities. The city has a handful of café’s and bars together with several great restaurants. Puebla is famous throughout Mexico for a number of regional culinary specialties, which include mole poblano (a spicy sauce made with over 20 ingredients) and pipián.


Barra Beer has an impressive international and local beer list on the menu. These include brews from Belgium, China, Spain, Ireland and over 21 German beers. Another good spot for quality beer is Utopía, a Belgian bar serving an exceptional selection of European and Mexican beers, along with classic pub food like Belgian frites, bistro toasts and beer soup. The A Go Go pub attracts a young artsy crowd with its 1950’s wallpapers and graffiti murals. A Go Go has a nice list of creative cocktails and offers good-sized bar food.

Celia's Café serves coffee and tequila shots as well as the traditional mole poblano, while featuring live romantic music from 8pm. Café Milagros is quirky, cartoonishly decorated spot for a pizza or frappe, while All Day Café is a student hangout spot serving a list of sandwiches, cocktails, coffees and pastries. In the evening, All Day Café turns into a nightclub.

Las Ranas is one of Puebla’s hottest restaurants and the best place to try out one of the local favorite dishes: the taco árabe. The main restaurant also has an annex across the street - El Patio de las Ranas. Both places are usually packed, but the food and its price is worth the wait.

The meat-free La Zanahoria, situated close to the zócalo, is an excellent spot for vegetarians. Every day from 1pm to 6pm there’s an buffet in the large colonial courtyard, featuring over 20 types of salads, including corn croquettes and chilaquiles. Their extensive menu includes everything from vegetarian hamburgers to stuffed cactus paddles.

Other good restaurants in Puebla include the Mexican Restaurante Sacristía and El Mural de los Poblanos, as well as the newer, international La Purificadora and Amalfi Pizzeria, which has become a popular dating spot.