Monterrey, Mexico: Nightlife

Although Monterrey’s night scene may not be as famous as some of Mexico’s other major cities, its nightlife is vibrant with entertainment venues for all tastes, from piano bars, salsa and jazz clubs to nightclubs featuring techno and electronic music, Spanish rock, northern cumbia and many other music genres. The city frequently hosts live concerts from famous rock artists to distinguished classical performers. Monterrey is also home to an authentic style of music, called grupera, which is typical of the northern parts of the country. The city has many night establishments are spread about, but the best and most fashionable spots are concentrated in the old district of Barrio Antiguo, close to the Gran Plaza.


El Zocalo is a plaza within the Barrio Antiguo district, located on the famous Padre Mier Street. It is one of the most visited places in Monterrey, the most popular clubs in the city, each with its own style and music; from reggaeton in Club 22, hard rock in Nirvana to La Chavela with its modern feel and the live music in Manaus.

Probably the best bar in downtown Monterrey, Nueva Luna is a great place to listen to live music, hang out with friends and enjoy excellent food. The establishment is divided into a bar area and a separate restaurant area.

The stylish Akbal Lounge offers a warm atmosphere while playing electro music during the week and house on weekends. Akbal Lounge is located in Barrio Antiguo, right over La Casa del Maiz, which in its own is a great restaurant that serves some rare Mexican dishes.

Club Privatt is the most exclusive club in the city, frequented by the elite upper class as well as Mexican celebrities. The club is situated in the Valle del Campestre neighborhood and features an assortment of tequilas, brandies, rum, vodkas, whiskies imported liquors, cocktails, martinis, champagne and wines. The venue plays different music each day, with various bands frequently playing live music.

Some of the best restaurants in town include the contemporary La Galería Café which serving excellent pasta, El Lingote that puts a modern twist on traditional Mexican foods and Madre Oaxaca with its authentic Oaxacan dishes. Vegetarians will want to check out La Zanahoria that serves meals like beregena gratinada and mock-meat milanesa.