Mexico City, Mexico: Getting around

Mexico’s capital boasts an impressive metro system, the largest in Latin America, plus a suburban rail system for areas out of reach of the city’s metro. Alternatively, a multitude of buses, micro-buses, trolleys and streetcars connect all parts of the capital. The city is also home to North America’s second largest bicycle sharing system. Taxi services are available throughout the city.


Mexico City International Airport serves as one of the busiest airports in the Americas, with daily flights to major cities around the world as well as domestic flights. Over 20 airlines provide international services, directly linking Mexico City to more than 30 cities in the United States and Canada alone. The airport has two terminals 2 miles apart, with red buses and a monorail operating in between them. Exchange offices are readily available in both terminals. Car rental agencies are found in terminal 1 while direct bus services to Cuernavaca, Córdoba Querétaro, Puebla and Toluca, depart from both terminals.