Top things to do in Cancun, Mexico: The best attractions, sites, beaches, tours and activities

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Kukulcan Boulevard runs along Cancun’s sandy beaches and surrounds the large Nichupte Lagoon in the heart of the city. Playa Del Rey and Playa Delfines, southeast of the Boulevard, are about the only beaches with a public car park. Although the sand here is coarser and darker then more exquisite beaches to the north, it’s also less crowded. Across Kukulcan Blvd. is one of Cancun’s small Mayan ruins, the El Rey archeological zone. The site has a small temple and several ceremonial platforms.

Just north from Playa Delfines, Cancun’s new Maya Museum features some of the best Maya artifact collections in Mexico. From jewelry to ceramics, the museum displays around 350 artifacts found across the peninsula’s many archeological sites.

The northern segment of Kukulcan Blvd. is where the best beaches are found. From Playa Chac-Mool, Gaviota, Langosa, Linda to Playa Tortugas, these stretches of beach land offer the best swimming areas and atmosphere, with plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs to go along. Between Park Royal and Westin Lagunamar hotel is another small ruin, Yamil Lu’um, also known as the Scorpion’s Temple, though only the outer sloping of the temple’s walls remains.

From the Blue Ray Marina, visitors can go on a jungle speed boat tour, across the Nichupte Lagoon. The trip leads through dense mangroves, the Nizuk River, all the way to the Nizuk Coral Reef in the Caribbean Sea. Here, people can enjoy snorkeling among the colorful tropical fish and corals in one of the largest reefs on in this part of the world.

Another great lagoon tour departs from Aquatours Marina and takes tourists on a two and a half hour lobster and steak dinner cruise. After the delicious dinner and picturesque sunset view with the mysterious jungle wildlife sounds in the background, the party begins. The night is filled with entertainment, dancing, a live band, games and prizes which will make for an unforgettable experience.

A small group snorkeling tour offers the unique lifetime opportunity of swimming with the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. The group sets out on a small cruise ship in search of this gentle giant. Once spotted, people will get the chance to jump in the water and snorkel around offering a memorable encounter few people get to experience. There is also a chance to spot dolphins during the trip.

Among Cancun’s many activities, there also the option of a parasailing adventure. The experience comfortably holds up to two passengers and takes them between 200 and 350 feet above either the Caribbean Sea or the Nichupte Lagoon, for a bird’s eye view.