Acapulco, Mexico: Surroundings

From excursions in a cruise ship to ancient ruins discovered recently, Acapulco’s surroundings offer plenty of interesting and fun outings and activities. Southeast, down the coastline from Acapulco Bay, the large Tres Palos Lagoon features an abundance of wildlife and offers various water sport activities, like jet skiing.

A must for nature lovers, the Coyuca Lagoon cruise tour is a shore excursion along one of the most colorful parts around Acapulco. This wonderful tropical habitat has been the location for many Hollywood movies, like Rambo II. At the heart of the lagoon, visitors are transferred to a small boat for a cruise through the area’s famous vegetation. Home to over 250 species of birds, the Coyuca Lagoon is thick with water hyacinths, palms and other native flora. The tour includes a visit to a beachfront restaurant, where everyone can enjoy a buffet lunch and open bar.


50 minutes north from Acapulco, near the city of Chilpancingo lays Tehuacalco. Excavated in the 2000’s and opened in 2008 to the public, this archeological site was the first one to be associated with the Yope people. Located on a hill and surrounded by taller mountains, the site features rock etchings, pyramidal structures and over 50 caves where diverse offerings were found.

Southeast of Chilpancingo, the Juxtlahuaca Natural Park hosts a 3 miles cave system and archeological site. Containing iconography murals linked to the Olmec, the caves walls contain the earliest sophisticated and only non-Maya, painted art found in Mesoamerica. A favorite destination for spelunkers, the caves are available to the public with the requirement of an accompanying local guide.

Further north, 170 miles from Acapulco, the colonial town of Taxco located in the North Sierra Mountains is a friendly well known tourist destination. With a unique architectural style of white stucco houses and cobblestone streets, the town has been conserved as it looked in the 18th century. Since Taxco is the silver producing capital of Mexico, it offers a vast selection of silverware available for purchase. Right next to the Taxco is the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa National Park containing one of the largest cave systems in the world.