Top things to do in Beirut, Lebanon: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Being the capital city of Lebanon, Beirut has a lot to offer to the tourist that come to visit it.

Parks in Lebanon

There are many green parks in Beirut and more and more are being built. One great park is the Jesuit Garden which was given to Beirut by the Society of Jesus. In this park, you will find remains of an ancient temple and other features such as Roman mosaics and columns. There is also a small public library. Another great park is Horsh Beirut which covers a large area of green space. Last but not least is the Rene Moawad Garden. It is one of the oldest public gardens in the city. It was created in 1907. It is a really great place if you want to go for a walk or just enjoy in the shade of the trees.

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Museums in Beirut

Museums are the greatest way if you want to learn something more about the history of Lebanon and in Beirut you can found a number of those. The must-see museum in Beirut is the National Museum. This museum is the one that best depicts the history of Lebanon with artifacts and scriptures, some of which are even 3,000 years old. There is a whole section in the museum dedicated to museums and columns from the Byzantine Empire. Another great museum in Beirut is the Sursock Museum. This museum best depicts the progress of Islamic visual arts. In this museum, you can find some rare samples of Islamic art. Another fun museum to visit is the Bsous Silk Museum. It used to be a silk factory owned by the Fayad family. Here you will find silk works and you can also see how silk is made.

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Tours in Beirut

Beirut has a lot of amazing things to be seen in and near it. One great tour that you can go to will take you to Byblos, an ancient city that has been continuously inhabited. It is the home of the Phoenician alphabet and has a lot of old souks fortress, the Cathedral of Saint John Mark etc. Another great ancient city that you can go on a tour to is the city of Baalbek. Here you can find three roman temples which were dedicated to different gods. The best thing that can be seen near Beirut is the Jeita Grotto caves. It is between the 14 finalists of the New 7 World Wonders. It features two interconnected caves which are built naturally by water dropping and creating beautiful rocks.

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