Getting around Beirut, Lebanon: Guide to using buses and taxis

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Getting around Beirut is easy since there are many ways to do that. Just decide which one is the best for you and yo can go exploring the city and its surroundings, having the best time ever.

By bus

There are two public bus companies in Beirut currently. The OCFTC has blue and white buses and the LCC has red and white minibuses. The ticket for the buses cost from about $0.33 to $0.67. Both companies are efficient and their buses come often. To catch a bus you need to stand on the side of the road and signal the bus to stop - they stop anywhere. Unfortunately, you cannot find many useful information about the buses on the internet, so the best way is to ask the locals about the information that you need. 

By shared car service

This is a very commonly used means of transport which is in fact shared taxis. They can fit about four to more people and they take you to wherever you want. You just have to make sure that you and the other passengers are going to the same direction because the drivers do not want to drive around in circles. It is important that if you want to get a shared taxi you need to tell the name of the district where you are going and not the specific address. The taxi may not leave you exactly where you want, but it will be somewhere near. Make sure that you pay upfront and for an acceptable price.

By taxi

There are two kinds of taxis in Beirut: the hail taxis and prebooking taxis. The hail taxis are the most commonly used mean of transport and you can find them everywhere. The cars are marked with a yellow illuminated taxi sign on the roof and a red number plate. They do not usually use meters so agree on a price before setting off. The prebook taxis cost more but are more luxurious and usually air-conditioned. You need to call them and book a taxi if you wish to use this kind of service.

By car

Driving in Beirut is not really recommended because there is a lot of traffic. There are not many parking spaces and if you are lucky to find one you can stay for about two hours and not more. Renting a car can be good if you are planning to visit the surrounding cities or if you need a car for the night. Make sure that you book a car before you go to Beirut, especially if you are travelling in high season.

On foot

Walking is the best way to get around Beirut and it is perfect if you want to see every corner of the city. However, the city is not relly designed for pedestrians so make sure that you keep your eyes wide open. The locals are willing to help you with directions or if you want to you can ask the receptionist in a hotel to guide you. There is also a walking tour that will take you to see Beirut in a day.