Excursions in Vang Vieng, Laos: fun things, day-trips, outings

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Vang Vieng is a great city and there are a lot of things that to do in it and in it surroundings. To make sure of seeing the best things there are to be seen, visitors should just book a tour. There are a couple of agencies that operate in Vang Vieng and they all offer great tours. All tourists have to do is visit an agency and decide where to go. Here are some tour suggestions that we feel every tourist should go on definitely.

The Nam Song Riverthumb laos vang vieng Tham xang cavethumb laos-vang-vieng-Tham-nam-caveTham Hok CaveHmong Village near Vang ViengThe secret Eden, Vang ViengTham Poukham CavePhonxay Village

There is a tour that will take you to discover Vang Vieng and its surroundings. The first place that this tour will take tourists to is the Tham Xang Cave, a.k.a the Elephant Cave. This cave represents an important Buddhist temple and the name of it has derived from the amazing limestone formations. Then the tour will continue to the Than Hoi Cave, a.k.a. Snail Cave, and explore its deep corridors and admire the limestone formations. At last the tour visits the Tham Nam Cave, a.k.a. Water Cave, where they will have the opportunity to go for a bath in the great pool located there. After the caves, the tour goes back while passing through Hmong village and returning to Vang Vieng while kayaking across the Nam Song river.

There is another great tour in Vang Vieng that will take tourists to a place called Secret Eden. It starts from Phathao where the trek will start. While trekking up the mountain, tourists will experience amazing panoramic views of the surroundings. At the top, they will visit and explore the Tham Hok Cave and see some of the best stalagmites and stalactites found in Vang Vieng. After this, they will descend to Secret Eden where they will have the time to take a swim before returning to the city.

Some of the best tours that that can be found in Vang Vieng are the adventurous tours. For tourists who are into cycling then there is an amazing tour to go on. This tour starts by cycling beside the Nam Song River up to some of the best caves in the area. First tourists will visit the "Cave of the Golden Grab" and then after some cycling they will reach the Tham Poukham Cave. This is an amazing cave filled with beautiful stalagmites and stalactites, lakes, wells and high chimneys. After the caves, the tour continues cycling to Phonxay village, and then continue cycling beside the river when finally it comes back to Vang Vieng.