Nightlife in Vang Vieng, Laos: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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When it comes to entertainment and nightlife Vang Vieng might be the best place for it in whole Laos. There are a lot of fun things that you can do in Vang Vieng and a lot of great places where you can grab a bite to eat or have a drink.

Bucket BarFront of the Bucket BarJungle BarQ BarSakura BarTubing in Vang Vieng as an entertainmentAnother tour of tubingStarting point for tubing, the Platform Bar

There are a lot of great bars where you can have a drink and meet a lot of new people such as the Bucket Bar. What is great about this bar is that you can order a cocktail that you will get in a bucket and you can share it between your friends and you. But not to worry, you can also have a bottle of beer or a coke if you want to.

Another great place is the Jungle Bar. This is a more relaxing bar where at night you can sit a listen to Bob Marley while relaxing and talking to your friends. This bar also offers nice food during the day.

The Q-bar is just another great place to grab a drink and meet new people. It is one of the better places in Vang Vieng so it is always full with people.

If you want to listen to loud music while dancing your feet off then you can visit the Sakura bar. During the early hours this bar has a projector where you can watch some pretty nice movies. At night, it get pretty wild with very loud music and a lot of drinking.

However, all in all the best way to have fun in Vang Vieng happens during day. That is tubing. If you are ever visiting Vang Vieng do not miss this thing. Find the company that rents tubes, go to the starting point and just jump on your tube and enjoy the ride back to town. Along the river there are 15 platform bars where you can stop with your tube. All of the bars are different, each one has it's own activities and theme. Some of the bars have swings, zip lines, music and other fun things. The drinks come at an affordable price.