Plain of Jars, Laos: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

The Plain of Jars a historical site located in Central Laos near Phonsavan. The place combines ancient and contemporary history and provides insight into Hmong, Phuan, Tai Dam, and Khmu culture. There isn't much that is known about the civilization that built the Plain of Jars.

Entrance to the Plain of Jars areaThe mysterious jarsAplenty of jars Fruit picking under the tree at the PlainBombs and grenades found at the PlainBomb craterCave site at the PlainRussian tank in overgrowth

Transportation in and around the Plain of Jars

There are two ways to get to the Plain of Jars. One way is by plane via the airport in Phonsavan. The flights operate from and to Vientiane and there are four to six flights a week depending on the season. Another way to get in the Plain is by bus. There are VIP buses and local buses that will take passengers to Phonsavan that operate from and to Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang, Ving, and Hanoi.

Once tourists arrive at Phonsavan there are a couple of ways to get around the city. There are many tuk-tuks in Phonsavan but everyone should keep in mind that most of them need prior booking if they want to take one in the morning or at night. Visitors can also rent a bike, motorbike, or a car from the number of travel agents that operate in Phonsavan.

However, the most important thing to keep in mind is that one cannot visit the Jar sites with a tuk-tuk. They can visit it with a guide or individually. The best way to visit them individually is to rent a bike and go to the sites with it. Those who are physically capable, can also cycle to the Jar Site.

Exploring the Plain of Jars

The Plain of Jars is divided into three sites. It would be best to visit all of the three sites. The first site is the most impressive and the easiest to get to. Upon arriving to this site, tourists can visit the Visitors information so they can find something more about the plain and then go up to the hill to reach the other sites. The second site is divided into two parts at either side of the road. On one side, there are larger jars under trees, whereas on the other site is the more visited one, where jars under one or more trees with amazing views can be found. At the entry of the second side, there is a noodle shop where visitors can grab lunch. There are also three more sites that are visitable in the plain: sites 16,23, and 52. Apart from the jars there are also some other minor attractions that can be seen on the sites such as a decrepit Russian tank, a couple of villages, and some other things.

Tourists should keep in mind that most of the jars have been damaged by the US bombings and some have been damaged during the invasion of the Chinese bandits. The Plain of Jars is one of the most heavily bombed places in the history of warfare. Many bomb craters and remains can be seen at the site.