Top things to do in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Bishkek is a great city with a lot of amazing things. No matter what you looking for in a city, Bishkek has it all. If you want to relax there are beautiful parks, if you want to learn something there are great museums and if you want to go sightseeing there are interesting monuments and fun places to visit.

Parks in Bishkek

There are many amazing parks in Bishkek where you can just enjoy. To start with, there is the Kemal Ataturk Park. It used to be called Drujba Park, but the name was changed. There are a couple of memorials and monuments that are fun to see. There is also a large Ferris wheel and some other amusements. Another great one is the Panfilov Park. It is named in honor of a war hero whose statue can be seen in this park. There are many amusement parks for children and a small Ferris wheel. Lastly, there is the Oak park which began as a grove of oaks. This park is home to the Russian Drama Theatre, the Open Air Museum of Sculpture and the Memorial to the Red Guards.

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Museums in Bishkek

In Bishkek, you can find a couple of great museums. The first one is the Historical Museum. This museum is the perfect place if you want to learn more about the history and the culture of the country and the Soviet heritage. There are many exhibits which date as far back as the Bronze Age. Another great museum is the Museum of Fine Arts. It is located in Oak Park. There are a lot of paintings in this museum from the Soviet period THereare also some replicas of Greek, Egyptian and Western sculptures. In the Zoological museum, you can see displays of taxidermy native to Kyrgyzstan and some exotic. There are also some live reptiles.

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Tours in Bishkek

Bishkek and its surroundings have much to offer to its visitors. The best way to explore the city and the surroundings is by booking a tour in some of the local agencies. A good suggestion would be a tour around the city. This tour will take you to see the Ala-Too square, the Victory square, the Oak Park, some of the museums and the Resurrection Orthodox Cathedral. Another great suggestion would be a tour to the Ala Archa National Park. On this tour, you will see the Ala-Archa River and trek a little bit to the Ak-Sai waterfall. The last but not least good suggestion would be a tour to Issyk Ata and Burana Tower. On this tour, you will first visit the Burana Tower which is a historical complex. Then you will visit the Issyk Ata gorge where you will walk up the gorge and enjoy the beautiful landscape that you will encounter. On this tour, you can also take a radon bath at the sanatorium.

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