Getting around Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

 Bishkek is an easy city to get around and pretty inexpensive. It is bot such a large city so it is easy to navigate around it. There are a couple of ways that you can use to get around Bishkek.

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By foot

A large part if Bishkek can be covered by foot and it can be done in approximately an hour. However, you should keep your eyes open because pedestrians do not have the same rights as they usually do in other countries. Also, walking at night is discouraged since the streets are poorly lit and crimes relating to drunkenness can happen. The locals are friendly and willing to help, but there are some that just want to cause trouble.

By taxi

Taxis in Bishkek can be easily found and they are pretty cheap. The official taxis are marked, but a lot of people also use the unofficial taxis. If your destination is close to a landmark use the name of the landmark to tell the driver where to go. If you are going to a venue then it would be better if you told the name of the street and not the name of the venue. Make sure that you bargain for a fair price before getting in. There are also more professional and more expensive taxis called "Super taxis". However, they are the most reliable way of getting around. You can order one on the phone and they will come from 10-20 minutes. If you do not care the money and you only want to be safe then a Super taxi is your best option.

By minibus ("Marshrutki")

The minibuses in Bishkek are called "Marshrutki" and they go all over the city. They are pretty cheap. You can flag a minibus by raising your right hand parallel to the ground. Pay the fee to the driver and when you want the minibus to stop just say "asta-naVEEtsya". Keep in mind that these minibuses can get pretty crowded so you have to make sure that you do not step on or offend anybody. They are also pretty hard to figure out where they are going so the best option would be to ask a local person for help, instead of the driver.

By trolleybus

The trolleybuses in Bishkek are pretty slow and often become disconnected from the overhead. If you decide to use the trolleybus get on it from the back and pay the driver when you are exiting at the front.