Top things to do in Kuwait City, Kuwait: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

Even though it is a small city Kuwait City has a lot of things to offer. Whether you want to enjoy nature, learn more about history or see all the best attractions Kuwait City has it all.

Parks in Kuwait City

Kuwait City has a number of great parks. One of the better ones is the South Khaitan park which is the perfect places for kids especially. The park has plenty parking spaces so no need to worry about that. It offers several play structures with climbing, slides and steps which make it the best place for your kids. Another great park in Kuwait City is the Yarmouk Park. This park is the perfect place to teach your kids about recycling. The park is filled with sculptures made of recycles materials and has been open since 2013. If all you want to do is spend a family day filled with lots of fun and excitement then the Aqua Park in Kuwait City is the perfect place for you. It has things for all ages, from water and fun games for kids and adults to swimming pools, scuba diving, volleyball courts and many other things.

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Museums in Kuwait City

Kuwait, on the whole, is a small country but has a rich history, so that is why there are many museum in the country. Most of those are located in Kuwait City. The first and the must-see is the National Museum. It is the largest one and it consists of many buildings. The Iraqi army had stolen many pieces, but most of them are returned now. You will find pieces of Islamic art, relics from pearl dive and a planetarium in this museum. Another great museum in Kuwait City is the Tareq Rajab Museum. It is a private museum which holds a big collection of ceramics, manuscripts, metalwork, jewelry and many other things. All of them are Islam artifacts from all over the world. Some of the artifacts date back as far as the 7th century AD. If you are interested in the Gulf War then Kuwait City has a whole museum dedicated do it called the Memorial Museum.

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Tours in Kuwait City

Kuwait City, even though small, is filled with grate things to be seen. One thing that is a must-see is the Kuwait Towers. They were built by Yugoslavian contractors and the tallest one is about 182 meters tall. If you get inside the tower you can see the whole city of Kuwait from up there. Another place that you should visit in Kuwait City is the Red Fort. It is called like that because of the color of the mud that it is made from.

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