Kuwait City, Kuwait: Travel/Tourist Information Guide

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Kuwait City is the capital city of Kuwait.

Transportation in and around Kuwait City

Kuwait has an International Airport which is 16km distanced from Kuwait City. So you can get on a plane to the airport and then grab a taxi to Kuwait City. You can also get to the city by car from Iraq on the Shaik Jaber Ahmed Al Sabah Road. You can also get in by car from Saudi Arabi on King Fahad Bin Abdul Aziz Road. Another way to get in is by bus that leave from a couple of countries in the world.

Once you are in Kuwait City you can get around by taxis. There are no meters in the taxis so agree on the price before you start driving. There are three kinds of taxis: call taxis are white with company logos on the doors, airport taxis are large American cars that have a ramp at the airport and orange taxis which are white-and-beige with a TAXI sign on top. You can also get around by bus. There are two companies The Kuwait Public Transport Company and the CityBus. 

Explore Kuwait

Even though it may not be such a big city there are many things in Kuwait City to be seen. If you want to see modern art you can visit the Museum of Modern Art. The main attraction in Kuwait City is the Kuwait Towers. One of the towers has a Viewing Sphere at 123m where you can see the whole city of Kuwait City. Another interesting thing to see is the Liberation Tower which is one of the tallest telecommunication towers in the world. Last but not least, visit the Bayt Al-Badr which is a museum made of coral and gypsum where you can see arts and crafts from old Kuwait.

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