Best Things To Do and Places To See In Incheon

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The city of Incheon has a gamut of interesting things to do and scenic spots to see for any of its locals and visitors alike. Here is a list that anyone can serve as a reliable reference point for anyone who wants to explore the amazing city of Incheon.


Incheon’s very own Chinatown is home not just to great Chinese food but also to several museums and it is strategically located near the port. This one is considered to be the only official Chinatown in the entire country of South Korea.

Incheon Grand Park

This is a vast park which can be found south of Bucheon and on the eastern part of the Incheon City Hall. It is an ideal place not just for hikers but also for some cool hill sledding. It also is home to other spectacular facilities that families will enjoy like the botanical garden, a zoo for the children, manmade turf as playing grounds, and lakes. Biking in the park is also a pleasant activity to relax.

Eurwangni Beach

This beach has cozy white sand which can be reached near the Incheon International Airport. Families with children will love hanging around the area since its average depth is only about 15 meters which is safe especially for the little ones. Many also hang in the beach to do astronomical gazing activities.


This is the largest jjimjilbang in the city being five storeys high comes with many installations. Some of their offerings include not just the usual spa and sauna centers, but also swimming pools, fitness area, billiards, children’s room, movie theater, and even computers. It is the best place to relax after a very long of work or sightseeing.

Sinpo Market

Never miss dropping by this seemingly simple Sinpo Market, most especially for their trademark fried chicken. Other sumptuous Korean street foods to check out in the area include the spicy rice cakes, rice rolls, kimchi and the deep fried chicken as mentioned which they call as dakganjeong.

Wolmido Island

This is a tiny island in the downtown area of Incheon which is also in close proximity with the city’s Chinatown. It comes with a park and a nature walk road along with tons of seafood restaurants and other cafes that offer a panoramic view while dining.

Korean Traditional Cultural Experience Centre

This is the perfect go-to place to understand best the genuine local culture of Koreans. They even offer activities that visitors can join hands on like the traditional craft lessons, watch art performances or just walk around the exhibits and booths.

Buam Galbi

This is an old Korean barbecue restaurant which is popular to many tourists and celebrities who visit the place as well as the locals. Their most popular dishes include the hen-u, ox tongue and the pork belly. Their helpful staff assists their diners to grill and even cut the meat they ordered for.

Go Island Hopping

One of the most popular things to do around Incheon is island hopping. Any traveler won’t just enjoy exploring the other attractions of the place but also relax in communing with nature.